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UI Component Reference: List Box (item chooser)

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Creating a Listbox

Filtering the list

If you want to filter the items that appear in the list, add a tagged value called filter. This can include a JavaScript/TypeScript predicate.

Three values are available to the predicate:

  1. the domain item (one of the rows in the list); the name will be the domain class name as “lowerCamelCase”, e.g. video or videoReview
  2. index - the position of this item in the (unfiltered) list, zero-indexed
  3. an array of the whole list, named e.g. videoItems or videoReviewItems

The predicate must be a valid JavaScriptor TypeScript expression, and must resolve to boolean. If not, the whole React build might break, so tread carefully!

We recommend writing the predicate first in the generated React code and testing it, before copying it into the model.

Example predicates:

video.url.startsWith("https://") > 0
index % 2 === 1

Or to truncate the list to the first 20 items:

index < 20

The same filter tag is also available on other data-linked components - ComboBox, Table, Map.

Tagged values

See: Common tagged values