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CodeBot from Parallel Agile - documentation

Welcome to the documentation area for CodeBot from Parallel Agile (PA).

This documentation site is organised into the following sections:

CodeBot is a cloud-based domain-driven, low-code, full-stack application generator. Feed it a domain model from a modeling tool such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, and CodeBot will create a scalable, secure REST API, along with a MongoDB database schema and a Java client library.

If you feed it a set of UX wireframes as well, CodeBot will also create a complete, fully functioning React web-app, already integrated with the generated REST API.

CodeBot is designed to work with distributed teams, especially if they’re using the Parallel Agile (PA) development process. PA emphasises up-front collaborative domain modeling and early prototyping - where the prototypes are generated by CodeBot using the collaborative domain model.

Partner companies

LemonTree from LieberLieber

PA has partnered with LieberLieber, to offer a combined software license with their model versioning software for distributed teams, LemonTree.