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CodeBot from Parallel Agile - documentation

Welcome to the documentation area for CodeBot from Parallel Agile (PA).

This documentation site is organised into the following sections:

CodeBot is a cloud-based domain-driven, low-code, full-stack application generator. Feed it a domain model from a modeling tool such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, and CodeBot will create a scalable, secure REST API, along with a MongoDB database schema and a Java client library.

If you feed it a set of UX wireframes as well, CodeBot will also create a complete, fully functioning React web-app, already integrated with the generated REST API.

CodeBot is designed to work with distributed teams, especially if they’re using the Parallel Agile (PA) development process. PA emphasises up-front collaborative domain modeling and early prototyping - where the prototypes are generated by CodeBot using the collaborative domain model.

Partner companies

LemonTree from LieberLieber

PA has partnered with LieberLieber, to offer a combined software license with their model versioning software for distributed teams, LemonTree.

All docs written by Matt Stephens (creator of CodeBot), and copyright Parallel Agile, Inc. Some of the reference documentation is also generated by CodeBot :)