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UI Component Reference: Container

Contains other UI elements, including other containers.

Use containers to manage your page layout; e.g. create a sidebar, page header/footer, or adjacent panels.

To turn a container into an input form, add a Button with an action tag, e.g. with the value create. The container should also be linked to a domain class.

Which wireframe component?

Depending which modeling tool you’re using, add the following component from the palette into the wireframe:

Tool Wireframe component(s)
Enterprise Architect ClientArea
Magic Draw Panel


Container Can contain ‘child’ UI elements.

Tagged values

Tag Allowed values Notes
justify Must be one of: left, right, center Text justification for the UI element container.
css class Any CSS class name, without a preceding . Adds the specified CSS class (or classes) to the UI element. If you define a class in a custom CSS file, you can apply it to a component using this tag. CodeBot will also recognise any ‘standard’ Bootstrap CSS classes such as h1, h2 etc; their defined behaviour will be carried over to any future UI platforms that CodeBot generates.
variant css class    
cell css class    
Must be one of: primary, secondary, success, danger, warning, info, light, dark, link Changes a UI Element’s appearance. The allowed values are based on Bootstrap’s variant CSS classes.

For React Labels, this will turn the label into an “Alert” component, with a background and text colour matching the variant. Useful for callouts, notes and static warnings (“Clicking OK will delete all your data”).

Tagged values for all model elements including UI component types

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