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Reference - Attribute Data Types

Here’s a typical domain class added in Enterprise Architect (EA):

Offer domain class

The attribute types (string, int etc) do have an influence on the generated system, so it’s important to give some consideration to the data types when adding attributes to your domain class.

Data types recognised by CodeBot

The following data types are recognised by CodeBot. As with “everything CodeBot”, this list grows over time; however we’ll keep this page updated with all the supported data types:

Data type Synonyms Notes
boolean bool  
string char, char[]  
integer int  
double number, decimal Depending on the output target (e.g. JavaScript), all the numeric types may resolve to a common type such as “number”
date   Just the date with no time
time   Time of day with no date
datetime timestamp Date and time
file   Triggers a file upload capability in the REST API. The value stored in the record is simply the original filename.

All the data types are case insensitive - so you can define them in your model as Bool, BOOL, bool etc.

Types mapped to output targets

Each data type is mapped to an equivalent type in the output target (language, database etc).

MongoDB (BSON) types

Data type BSON type
boolean bool
string string
integer int
long long
float decimal
double decimal
date date
datetime date
time date

SQL types

Data type SQL type
boolean BOOLEAN
text TEXT
string VARCHAR(255)
integer INT
float FLOAT
double DOUBLE
date DATE
datetime DATETIME
time TIME
timestamp TIMESTAMP

JSON types

Data type JSON type
boolean boolean
string string
integer integer
long long
float number
double number
date string
datetime string
time string

Java types

Data type Java type
boolean boolean
string String
integer int
long long
float BigDecimal
double BigDecimal
date java.time.ZonedDateTime
datetime string
time string