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Domain Model Naming Conventions

The main convention that we want to convey here is simply to use “natural language” naming throughout the domain model - in fact, throughout the entire UML model!

The model is positioned at the “business domain” level - which means it’s intended as a “human readable” document, and shouldn’t delve into design or implementation details.

So, give domain classes names like Coupon Block and Card Payment instead of CouponBlock or CardPayment.

Similarly for class attributes, use names like First name and Coupons available instead of FirstName, first_name, couponsAvailable, coupons-available etc.

Natural language naming is also much nicer to work with, as it’s easier to read and doesn’t look unnecessarily “technical”.

When CodeBot is run, it’ll automatically convert names to match the code naming conventions of whichever language, markup or platform it’s targeting. So First name will automatically become first_name or firstName etc, as needed.

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