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Data-Linked UI Components

Linking components to a remote data source via the REST API.

Data-linked components - really, API-linked - get their values from the database. For example, the Videos table discussed in the next page would have been loaded from the Videos database table, via the generated REST API.

Data-linked components are easy to define in your wireframes, using tagged values.

When a page initialises, a “GET” REST request is performed to get the initial data for each domain object in the page. (Or for components such as tables, a GET will return an array of objects).

Defining data-linked components

The tag to use for data-linked components is domain

Combining state-bound and data-linked components

Almost all components can be both state-bound and data-linked.

If a component is wired up to be both, it takes its initial value from the database, but can then be updated automatically if a linked component updates. An example of this would be a label that initially shows a value from the database, but can be updated if the user drags a slider component.

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